What is personal brand photography?

It’s about the experience. About the way that company makes you feel.

Today’s clients are looking for an experience, not just a product. What makes you pick one company over another? Why would you go to one place over another for the same thing?  

  • In all small business & entrepreneurship, you’re selling more than just your product.
  • You’re selling ‘your why’.
  • Your story, your face, and the behind the scenes of your passion are even more important than ‘what you sell’
  • You may think that hiring a photographer to move your business forwards is just uncomfortable and that your work will speak for itself. I understand! I’m so hesitant to have my photo taken!  Nobody is born being good on camera, it takes practice!
  • While personal brand photography can begin with a headshot, it’s so SO much more than that!
  • Once you understand, you are your brand you’ll see how imagery will communicate to ideal clients why YOU are the one they want to work with.
NH Brand Photography
NH Brand Photography
NH Brand Photography