Lifestyle photography has become one of the most unexpected pleasures of my job.  Being able to watch as newborn babies turn into their own little people, and witnessing families evolve is the coolest thing. It’s humbling and amazing.

I deliver a collection of moments in your life. Tangible memories that will remind you and others who you are, now. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being your own person. Kind hearted, silly, loving, mildly-inappropriate, excited, apprehensive, quirky, unique, YOU!

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Mike & Erin

NH ME MA Family Newborn Photography 1Melissa Koren Photography has been a staple in the life of our growing family. From our pregnancy announcements and maternity shoots to our daughters birth and various milestones, Melissa has always been there for us. Her understanding of her subjects is amazing. My wife was apprehensive about taking photos in her later pregnancy but Melissa talked her through. Without ever making a fuss. Thanks to her I have some of the most beautiful pictures of my wife. We’ve done mini sessions with our daughter since and never left with a tear shed or tantrum thrown.
Melissa’s eye for detail is matched by her sense of whimsy. Our daughter has a large personality and Melissa was the first to capture it. Parker was only a few days old when Melissa came to shoot her birth announcements. She made us feel relaxed with the process and used all of the ridiculous props that we supplied. The results really captured our daughters will and strength, not to mention her parents penchant for overkill.
If you can book MKP for your event I strongly recommend you do.
If you can’t; change your date. She’s that good.

Victoria & Nicole

NH ME MA Family Newborn Photography 2 Melissa always manages to impress me. She has such a great eye for detail and always captures my “good side.” Anytime we have received our pictures back from her, we have been extremely happy with them. The only bad thing about having Melissa as our photographer is, we can never pick just a few of them for our frames.  All of them are wonderful! She is always willing to accommodate our schedule and she is even willing to travel for us! She is very patient when working with babies and she always has a smile on her face…even if it’s first thing in the morning. I trust her completely to capture these fleeting moments as my daughter grows so quickly. I would recommend Melissa to anyone.

Raina & Ashleigh

NH ME MA Family Newborn Photography 5 We are always so pleased with Melissa’s pictures and we can’t say enough about her. She’s easy to work with, produces an outstanding result and the cherry on top is that she has affordable packages for any budget. We feel so lucky to have her as our photographer and we look forward to many more beautiful pictures to come!!

Kate & Marcus

NH ME MA Family Newborn Photography 4 We cannot begin to thank you enough for capturing so many monumental events in our life.  You have been on our journey of love and happiness with us and as we look back and admire all of the photos that you’ve taken, we relive each and every moment.  If a photograph is worth a million words, your photographs leave us speechless. Words cannot be put to the love, warmth, and emotion that you see through your lens.  Most recently, as you photographed our infant son, Connor, you were able to capture his true personality with your determination, grace, and professional touch.
I know that we will meet again soon, as you continue to chronicle our life, but it’s important that you know how much you mean to us as both a photographer and friend.

Rachel & Jason

NH ME MA Family Newborn Photography 3 Melissa has photographed every milestone for my family. She was there for our engagement, wedding, and the birth of our daughter. Her passion, incredible talent, and attention to detail is truly visible in her photographs.

For loads of information about the whats, wheres, how and investment in a lifestyle session – click here!

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