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Sophia Rose 11.27.10 | Hampton, NH Newborn Photography

Rachel + Jason = Baby!  Baby = The most beautiful exquisite Sophia Rose, born on 11.12! I visited the trio just shy of her 72 hours old mark to get a baby fix, in trade for a few snapshots.. Once they were home and settled, I headed over to their home …

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Pikul Family Photos 11.21.10 | Exeter, NH Family Photography

November was a huge month for family photos – and it was so pleasantly unexpected! I loved getting to see all these families interact, and my friends, the Pikuls, were no exception!  Their first family photos since they welcomed their 3rd son, John jus …

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Jackson – 17 days old! | Brentwood, NH Newborn Photography

Jackson sure gave his mum a run for her money for the 37 weeks he was growing, and a few there after, but he came out pretty darn sweet, so I think she’ll forgive him.   Just about a month after we took some family photos, Jackson made his dark haired …

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Beck Curtis-10 days old! 09.10.10 | Exeter, NH Newborn Photography

Although I’d been there to photograph his birth, I wasn’t able to get very many super-new shots of mr.beck so I skidaddled over to his house a.s.a.p after the fact and grabbed a few shots of  his precious 10 day old self! tiny rolls of warm sleeping sw …

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Introducing Beck Curtis 08.30.10 | Dover, NH Birth Photography

I got a text early in the morning of the 29th that my friend Kacy’s water had broken – about 3 weeks sooner than we were expecting!.  When the hour became a little more appropriate I called Nicole & Victoria to ask them about rescheduling Reese’s s …

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Eliza-6 days old! 03.28.10

Oh sweet sweet squishy face Eliza.  How I adore your fluffy hairs and your pouty, perfectly formed baby lips. Your shar pei-esque wrinkly skin and your sleepy faces. Your ability to think outside the box at such and early age.  Anyone can just lay in t …

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Miss Mary! 17 Days Old 03.19.10

I have known Mary’s parents for years.  A few years ago I took pictures of her brothers & older sister but since she’d only recently made her debut she missed it and it was time for her closeup! She wasn’t so interested in waking up for it at first …

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