The top 5 things this couple did to keep their wedding relaxed and fun!

Jill and Chris did it up right.  Even with nearly 200 guests, they succeded at creating a relaxed environment that fully emanated the love and adoration they have for each other, and their friends and family.  Between their Portland Head Light Fort Williams Park Wedding Ceremony and their appetizer filled Dimillo’s on the Water Reception – the day was top notch! 

Here are the 5 things I saw that they nailed in keeping their top three words (Fun, Relaxed, Family!) a priority! 

5: A roving cocktail hour reception; no seated dinner just stations all around the DiMillo’s on the Water Floating Restaurant and plenty of space indoors and out for people to nosh and relax.  There was PLENTY of food, and it was all DELICIOUS. 
4: A standing ceremony.  While sometimes this is kind of a frustration for the photographers – no clear “aisle” to frame the shot, feeling like you’re standing in front of folks to get in a piece of the action… In Jill & Chris’ Portland Head Light Fort Williams Park Wedding Ceremony it WORKED.  It worked so well.  The feeling of closeness, juxtaposed with the vastness of the ocean was really spectacular.  It kept the vibe they were going for of not stuffy and let everyone be close and supportive.  It was pretty freaking cool. 
3: The dessert bar.  Nothing Bakes like a Parrott really outdid themselves.  While they did have a small cake to cut and ceremonially feed each other, my love of a good dessert station was fulfilled.  I mean.. uh.. their love of a good dessert station.  Either way, the guests were tickled to have such an array of sweet treats and they were SO good.  Like, damn Gina good. 
2:  The dress.  Not that Chris didn’t look snazzy.  Those sharp blue suits with the light pink ties? Debonaire to the T. Someone call GQ and let them know they should do a cover story.  But the real show stopper was Jill’s dress – the delicate lace, the sheer flowing layers, the perfectly matched belt.  It was perfection.  It encompassed her sweet and romantic side but was edgy and unique; just like Jill.  It was also super easy to get around in which was great with the travel to and from the Hotel/Portland Head Light/Dimillo’s.  
1: The laughter.  I know I say that a lot – it really is the MOST important part of any relationship.  Making each other laugh is such a pillar of love and respect.  Romantic, platonic and otherwise.  If you can find the laughter, you can see the light.  And the way these two make each other laugh?! Incomparable.  And their families laugh. And they enjoy each other and it’s so obvious.  Being able to bask in the awesome that was their connection was a privilege.  And let me tell you – I can still hear them laughing as I look back through these photos! 

So there you have it – 5 things they did to keep their wedding relaxed, fun, and TRUE TO THEM.  Which, of everything that goes into planning a wedding, is the penultimate requirement.  You are beautiful and individual and your marriage is a combination of the two of you.  Your day should reflect that from start to finish. 

Thank you, my dears, for such an amazing adventure.  I’m truly grateful to have met you.  And thank you, Allison & Nick, for the referral – it was so fun to work with you two on your Prescott Park Mombo Portsmouth NH Wedding <3



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