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Alyssa & Mike: Exeter NH Winter Engagement Photography

Are you ready to meet two of the sweetest people ever?  She works with the gorgeous Liz of Brian & Liz’s Harbor Event’s Wedding and he’s a special kind of saint who teaches Driver’s Ed. (A reality I’m going to have to deal with in my own right in j …

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Elnara & Rosalie: Engaged! Winter Engagement Session in Exeter, NH

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I love a winter adventure – and did we ever have enough winter to adventure in this year!  Rosalie & Elnara really wanted a New England winter to cozy up to in their engagement session so we headed off to the Gilman Park area of Exeter.  After just …

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Jen & Matt Engaged! : Kenoza Lake Engagement Photos

One of the places I’d been waiting for the opportunity to photograph for a while now was Kenoza Lake.  I’d heard they had great walking/jogging trails and even better, it’s along side of a castle!  I had been to Winnekenni Castle as a kid, but it had b …

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Catherine + Ryan: Engaged! Exeter NH Wedding Photography

Let’s see – it all started with… Brian & Liz.  I met Brian through the Exeter Chamber of Commerce and when he and Liz had their fabulous Portsmouth wedding I was honored to be a part of it.  Brian’s brother, Matt was a groomsman and his wife Shar …

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Courtney & Colby: Engaged! Phillips Exeter Photography

Courtney & Colby are… the cutest! Sorry, I had to go for the alliteration there, I’m a total word nerd like that. ..meanwhile, back at the post … Courtney and Colby are planning their June wedding from Philadelphia where they’re currently worki …

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Nadia & Rich: Engaged! Maudslay State Park Photography

“I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.” [Notebook, Oct. 10, 1842]” ― Nathaniel Hawthorne, The American Notebooks Well said Mr. Hawthorne, well said! There’s a different kind of magic in the fall sun …

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Dave & Art: Engaged! Nahant Seaside Sunset Engagement Shoot

Hello Gorgeous!!!! Dave & Art have stolen a pretty sizable chunk of my heart.  Their adoration and respect for each other, in addition to how much they outwardly just enjoy life and the people they surround themselves with, is something I will neve …

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Kate & James: Engaged! Wentworth Marina Engagement Shoot, New Castle, NH

I’ve known Kate since she was in middle school and I’m endlessly awed (but not surprised) by the amazing woman she’s grown into.  James wonderful and I wish such good things for both of them.  They were the guests of honor at their own engagement party …

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Molly & Tim: A late winter Engagement Shoot at Anheuser Busch in Merrimack NH

Molly & Tim and I met on a late afternoon in March hoping for some spring like weather and some amazing engagement shots.  We rocked the shots, but the weather was a little less than desirable.  The wind was biting and the snow was cold. But so wha …

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Declan: 15 Days Old! Strafford County Newborn Photography

First comes love – at a gorgeous Prescott Park Engagement Shoot … Then comes marriage – a stunning wedding at the Portsmouth Country Club Then come Tracey & Ryan with a baby carriage! Meeting Declan melted my heart.  These folks have become so de …

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