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If you’re hoppy and you know it!

NH Brewery Engagement Session

If one of your favorite pass-times is going to breweries, then it only makes sense to go to a brewery for your engagement session!  And since puppies and pints pretty much go hand in hand these days, bringing along your favorite (super adorable) d …

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We’re all getting older.

I know, I know. Sometimes you just don’t want to talk about it, and, to be honest, sometimes the longer I do this, the older I feel. (And not just because I’m older, duh.)  But the more blessed I feel, too. Time marches on, and I’m lucky enough to …

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It’s time for a babymoon!

Who knew that the phrase babymoon had been around so long!? Not I! I thought it was one of those newfangled hipster/millennial/urban dictionary words.  babymoon  noun   ba·by·moon | \ˈbā-bē-ˌmün  \ plural babymoo …

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My high school requires I use their studio for my yearbook photo.

Southern NH Senior Pictures

Does your high school require you use their studio for your yearbook photo?  Boo.  That’s friggin lame.  I mean, from a professional standpoint I can see some benefit to the technical aspect of it all.  Laying out the yearbook is a …

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Can I bring a friend along to my shoot?

Southern NH Senior Photos

Of course, you can! If you think that having someone along to help you laugh and keep you natural will be beneficial, then by all means!  This gorgeous girl brought her mom and a friend along for her southern NH senior photos.  They helped ke …

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What do I do with my hands?

Engagement photos in Exeter NH - Sunset Engagement Session - Exe

One of the biggest questions ever when taking photos is “what do I do with my hands?” – Well, take a look at these Exeter NH Sunset Engagement Photos for some great inspiration.  To keep your hands looking less awkward during your session there ar …

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How far in advance should I plan for my family photo?

Wentworth by the Sea NH Family Photos

Sometimes you plan for your photos for months and months, and in some instances, like these Wentworth by the Sea NH Family Photos, you decide on Thursday night to go away on Friday and see if you can have some family photos taken on your impromptu geta …

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More than just a wedding day photographer.

Concord NH At Home Newborn Session

Before I forget, you have to go check out the cross-stitched sonogram! It’s astounding!  Now on to it – Friends, I can’t tell you how much this Concord NH At Home Newborn Session means to me.  I first photographed Sarah and Sam for their …

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Happiness is …. Hampton NH Family Photos

Happiness is ….  A boy & his family A boy & his Adirondack chair A boy in just a bandana & diaper on a hobbie horse A boy in just carhartt overalls eating dirt & playing with chickens Happiness can be seen in these Hamp …

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You know what’s better than school pictures?

Beginning of the school year pictures NOT IN SCHOOL!  Just like these NH Fun Children’s Portraits! School photos are a right of passage, I suppose. But they’re also a gamble.  Your kids will have them taken one way or the other, even if you d …

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