You’re A Big Deal.

Youre A Big Deal Brand Strategy

From No Deals to Big Deal: The Beginning of Youre A Big Deal Brand Strategy

It started when we were guests on a panel at The Loft, discussing photography & design in branding, with members of the Newmarket Business Association. 

We hadn’t met before (except for this one time when Amy unknowingly crashed Melissa’s headshot mini-session at The Loft…a story for another day).

Through the evening we answered attendee questions — sometimes finishing each other’s sentences — about establishing a clear brand message the elements of effective design + photography, and the importance, above all else, of keeping a brand simple and consistent. 

When the event was over, Melissa, who doesn’t usually throw out open invitations (because #strangerdanger), asked, “Does anyone want to get a drink?” and Amy, who is usually hurrying home after any public event (because #introvert), said yes. 

What followed was a good meal, great drinks and the discovery of our mutual love for: 

  • eating + drinking (all.the.time)
  • helping people understand + showcase what makes their brand special (hint: it’s YOU)
  • quippy + effective one-liners (Hi, “done is better than perfect” + “you’re a big deal”) 

A few days after that, we met again and realized Melissa’s brand photography + visual messaging and Amy’s web design + copywriting were the best combination since tacos and tequila, mornings and coffee, stretch pants and everything…

So we planned and led a branding workshop together (again, at The Loft!).

Then we brainstormed some other ways we wanted to put our branding knowledge and experience to work and thought of a company name and bought a domain. 

Then, in true always-evolving fashion, we immediately rebranded, thought of a new name, bought a different domain and became, Youre A Big Deal Brandin Strategy.

We offer Brand Strategy, Web Design, and Education for passionate individuals with big ideas.

We’re all about quirky, consistent, effective messaging and having A LOT of fun while your business grows. 

We’ll never tell you to do something just because it’s trendy and we’ll always move you towards a brand that is aligned, impactful and makes you feel like A BIG DEAL (because you are!). 

If you’re looking for some quick brand direction or need guidance on a brand project, a great place to start is our Brand-On Demand sessions.

We think of it like hiring a personal trainer for your business (except we love bagels and don’t actually want you to sweat) — you bring us what you want to work on and we get it done, together. 

We love togetherness (and cupcakes). Looking forward to seeing you around!

Amy & Melissa – You’re a Big Deal

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