I believe in love & laughter.

Hoopla & levity.  Stolen glances, sweet kisses & snuggles.  Connections & kindred spirits.
Not only do I believe in them, I photograph them. I make lasting, tangible memories out of your moments. Love & engagement shoots lead to weddings. And newborns lead to families. I adore them all. Everyone is unique and we all love in our own ways. I have a special way of seeing that. Let me take a picture, and show you. I strive to make memories tangible and moments indelible. Be you sassy and quirky or bold and playful, I’ll find an intrinsic connection and illuminate the everyday.

My story

Koren is my middle name [core-in]
I have an obsession with graph paper or anything square for that matter
I think sometimes Pollyanna has a point
The older I get, the darker I require my chocolate to be.

There are some things you’re just born to do.
Turns out for me, one of those things is being a photographer.
As a kid I played piano, read voraciously and lis­te­ned to Mozart, Bette Mid­ler & Bar­bara Streisand.
I wan­ted to be Anne Sulli­van, Julie Andrews and Megan Follows when I grew up.
I spent hours pla­ying with gyros­co­pes, spi­ro­graphs & clim­bing the q*bert pyramid.
My 12th Christ­mas we got a nintendo and I think I can safely say I’ve devo­ted 4 solid years of my life to Tetris.
In high school I was a hard core cho­rus & drama geek.
I went to UNH to major in music edu­ca­tion. Turns out, as much as I loved music, I didn’t want it as my profession.
I got a ‘real job’ (admin) and sett­led into being ‘an adult’ (yay bills).
When my son was born I star­ted taking a lot of pho­tos of him and quickly became an avid hobbiest.
I shot my first wed­ding in 2007 and I was imme­dia­tely smit­ten with it.
The next day (my 29th birth­day) I woke up and rea­li­zed I knew what I really wan­ted to be when I grew up!
I truly adore and love my job. Mee­ting new peo­ple, fin­ding a way to cap­ture their memo­ries, inte­rac­tions & emo­tion, it all makes for a very satisf­ying days work. I don’t think that hiring a pho­to­grapher always requi­res a for­mal occa­sion, it might just be you’d like to be in the pic­tu­res with the rest of your family for once! Big or small, I love it all! (this dose of cheesy was ode to Dr. Seuss)

I still love Mozart (and Bette Midler)
I’ll cha­llenge anyone to some old school Tetris
I’m addic­ted to Scrabble
I’m a mother & wife.

we are the three amigos. the three wise monkeys. the three stooges.
we are a family, and that’s our story.
(we also need some non-iphone photos – know a good photographer?) 😉

What’s your story?

Ques­tions or com­ments about anything seen (or not seen!) here and I encourage you all to say hello!

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