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Wedding Photography

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New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

Every human, every love story, and every wedding are unique. Scripted photos and manufactured moments are not my jam.

Allowing you to be yourselves and ensuring you have maximum fun at your wedding are my top priorities. Photos are the bi-product of that!

NH Wedding Photographer specializing in LQBTQ and gay wedding photography for New Hampshire Non-Traditional Weddings, New England Queer Elopements, Maine LBGTQ+ Engagement Photos, and more.

Wedding Photography New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine

My hope is that you and your future generations have the best reminders of your love and laughter on the day you started this part of your life together.

Planning a wedding can be scary and overwhelming and I completely understand the thought process of ‘so and so can do it cheaper’ — it’s expensive and anywhere you can trim the budget has to be good, right? The long and short answer is – yes, but no. You’re putting your heart and soul into this and you want to have the best images possible.

Wedding photography is very very different than any other photography.

A professional wedding photographer is critical to capturing the memories you want to preserve. I always have extra equipment in case of failure, the right lenses to handle even the darkest stone church or dimly lit reception, and patience and assertiveness to take hold of a moment that’s perhaps a little over-stressed.

I am ready to go with the flow, anticipate your moves before you make them, be in the right place for the cake cutting before the rest of the guests fill the dance floor and, most importantly, I am able to help keep the day moving smoothly so you can make the most of every moment.

NH Wedding Photography FAQs

95% of the weddings I shoot are 6 hours or less in time. If you’re having everything at a single location/with limited travel that’s generally more than enough time to get the last bits of getting ready, first look (if desired), ceremony, family photos, all the important reception things, and a few songs of dancing. There’s no need to have a professional photographer on the dance floor with your guests all night. In fact, the party usually gets a little more “free” once I put the cameras away. Most couples only need 15 or so minutes of “open dance floor” time to complete the story of their day. I have a few sample timelines available if you’re interested in how a 6-hour (or shorter) wedding would look.

If there is a LOT of travel between your locations then we will most likely need to add in a little more time. We can talk about what your day looks like and decide on the perfect amount of time for you is!

In most cases? No. An additional photographer can be nice to have around for additional perspective/angles. If you’re on a very tight timeline, in separate locations and you’d like getting ready photos of both of you there could be more opportunity with an additional person. But in most instances, I can work solo and get everything we need. If you’re having a HUGE wedding (150+ guests) it may be something to consider but it’s generally not a necessity.

Contact me, and I’ll check my availability and send full details.

The booking process is all completed online. After we’ve confirmed that I’m available for your date, I will send you an email with a link to your package options. A deposit & signed contract make the date all yours. Most folks then make a payment six months out and then finish up with the remaining balance 14 days before the event date, but monthly payment plans are an option too! All payments can be made via check, credit card or PayPal.

Of course! Nowadays it’s through Zoom, but if you want to get together first let’s do it! In less pandemic times I’m happy to meet in person, we can meet up at a coffee shop, restaurant, bookstore, favorite watering hole, or anywhere else you feel comfortable. It’s usually pretty easy to find a location conveniently close to Exeter.

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