Seacoast NH Brand, Wedding & Family Photographer

Seacoast NH Brand, Wedding & Family Photographer


Meet Melissa

I love music.

I spent high school completely engrossed in singing.  Choirs, plays, even some piano, I was sure that was going to be my life. I even started a music education degree at UNH. But it ended up not being where my heart was. When my son was born, I started taking copious photos of him and the more images I took, the more I saw images everywhere. A friend asked me if I’d be interested in photographing his daughter’s wedding.  I told him I had never done that. He said ‘yeah, but do you want to?’ And did I ever! I photographed that first wedding and a new love was revealed. Now — over a decade later — I’m still so in love with making tangible memories. Babies, families, weddings and events, there are moments to remember.

My two favorite words are quintessential and juxtaposed. That’s why when you browse my gallery you’ll see images that are both classic and surprising. Composition and harmony exist both in music and in photography and I think that’s what makes my clients so happy — I know it’s not just about documenting a moment, it’s about feeling it.

Over the years, I’ve gone on many adventures and captured a lot of magic. I’m fascinated by how people fit together. I’ve been described as the perfect combination of positive energy and calm. It’s how I put my clients at ease. It’s how I get the in-between moments — those unexpected, significant breaths — that you’ll cherish forever.

Not only that, I’ll fix your bustle, get you a cocktail, play with your kids — whatever you need —so the love shines through in every image.

Life is about what makes us special, so let’s make your photographs as unique and outside the box as you are! I can’t wait to meet you and talk about your photo session.

Victoria & Nicole

See what my clients have to say!

“Melissa always manages to impress me. She has such a great eye for detail and always captures my “good side.” Anytime we have received our pictures back from her, we have been extremely happy with them. The only bad thing about having Melissa as our photographer is, we can never pick just a few of them for our frames. All of them are wonderful! She is always willing to accommodate our schedule and she is even willing to travel for us! She is very patient when working with babies and she always has a smile on her face…even if it’s first thing in the morning. I trust her completely to capture these fleeting moments as my daughter grows so quickly. I would (and do) recommend Melissa to anyone.”

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