Photography Services

Photography Services

Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve clicked your way over here to Melissa Koren Photography!

That beautiful chaos of a family hug? I’ve got that. Those adorable, cheeky grins from your tiny tot? In the bag. Those loving glances between you and your sweetie in a secret elopement? Oh, let’s go!

With a love of vibrant hues and the realness of each in-between moment, I’ve been doing photography my way for nearly two decades. Every laugh, cuddle, and impromptu dance-off? They’re important. And so are you.

As you meander through our services, remember this isn’t about stiff poses or forced smiles. Here, it’s all about the real, joy-filled, ‘oops-did-I-just-snort’ moments of life. So pull up a seat (grab a coffee, wine, whiskey, or whatever floats your boat), and let’s get you those memory-filled magic moments you’re totally here for!

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