Photography Services

Photography Services

Welcome! I’m happy you’ve found your way to Melissa Koren Photography, where life’s spontaneous and heartfelt moments take center stage.

Looking for those unplanned instances of joy, like your child’s infectious laughter, warm and tight family embraces, or those secret, knowing looks exchanged with your partner? You’re in the perfect spot.

For nearly twenty years, my passion for capturing life’s vibrant and genuine moments has driven my work. Every chuckle, hug, and even those kitchen dance-offs hold a special place here – just as you do.

Diving into MKP services, you’ll quickly find that stiff poses and fake smiles don’t belong. Here, we celebrate authentic, tear-jerkingly funny, and beautifully messy moments of everyday life. Whether you’re high energy, quietly introspective, or somewhere right in the middle, you’re in the right place to capture your connection to the world around you – the magic moments of your life.

So, let’s embark on this journey together. It’s about more than photos; it’s about immortalizing the genuine essence and unique rhythm of your life. I’m eager to meet you and uncover the beautiful, sincere stories you have to share, captured through genuine being, sparkling eyes, and soulful smiles.

Welcome to the MKP photography family, where we all revel in our individuality (MKP’s Island of Misfit Toys?.. no…ok) It’s all about capturing the real, joy-filled, ‘oops-did-I-just-snort’ moments that make life so wonderfully vibrant.

From newborns to families, from weddings to all the special moments in between, I’m here to help you preserve those memory-filled magic moments you absolutely love. Let’s celebrate your unique connection to the world and get you those treasured tangible memories you’re totally here for!

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