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Hello and welcome to Melissa Koren Photography! My photography is all about embracing the real, the raw, and everything in between. Based in Seacoast, NH, and serving areas from North of Boston, MA, through Portland, ME, you can trust me to capture your life’s most meaningful experiences. I’m particularly passionate about working with neurodiverse and queer families and individuals, appreciating that true beauty lies in the authentic and the now.

With a focus on ease and fun, let’s create memories that reflect who you are – unique, genuine, and wonderfully imperfect.

Melissa was amazing! We can’t say enough good things!

Before she even came out, she helped navigate around some rain in the forecast to make sure we had a great session. Once she was there, she was just wonderful with our toddler and our dog. Super patient, very talented at capturing the moments we wanted to, and just full of talent dealing with the short attention spans that come with dogs and kids. She took beautiful pictures and had everything sent over to us very quickly. We could not recommend her enough! – Joe M.

Professional, Talented + Fun!

Meet Melissa
New Hampshire photographer

Hello there! I’m Melissa.

My world is filled with the joy of squares, the rhythm of patterns and the sheer satisfaction of organizing.

My love for photography intertwines with a lifelong curiosity about the unique ways we all experience the world. As a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent communities, I bring a warm, understanding approach to my sessions.

I’m less about forced smiles and stiff poses and more about capturing authentic moments that feel true to you and your loved ones. I believe in fostering a relaxed environment where everyone feels comfortable – and their brilliant selves shine through!

From our first hello to the final gallery, I will treasure and honor your story, always opting for authenticity over perfection. Let’s make beautiful memories, celebrate your individuality, and, most importantly, let’s have some fun while doing it.

Welcome to The MKP photography family, where your uniqueness is the star! No matter the session type – Babies, Families, Weddings or otherwise, I can’t wait to meet you and capture your unique connection to the world.

Let’s Chat!

Melissa captured us all perfectly!

Melissa was great to deal with when making the reservation for our family photo session. She responded quickly by email answering all of my questions. The day of the session, we met at the beach and she was very enthusiastic and efficient. It’s not easy wrangling a group of adults and a toddler, but she did it with ease. Today we received the photos and I’m thrilled! Melissa captured us all perfectly! If you’re thinking of using a professional photographer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Melissa. I have no doubt that you’ll be happy with the results. – Patti M.

Families+ Everyday

Weddings + Love

Branding + Headshots

Families+ Everyday

Weddings + Love

Branding + Headshots

The Experience

I thrive at the intersection of fun + efficiency!

Here’s the lowdown on working with MKP

Booking: Where does the adventure begin?
Welcome! Embarking on your photography journey starts with filling out my contact form – this will ensure I have all the details to get you your requested information! Think of it as hitting the “easy” button to capture life’s most cherished moments. From there, I’ll be here to guide you through online booking to digital file & gallery delivery, dodging raindrops for the perfect shoot day, or weaving through the logistics of family wrangles, newborn baby noises, and elopement whispers.

The Session: Real Vibes Only
Once you’re booked, the in-person fun is set to begin. I’ve been told that my knack for mixing efficiency with a good old chuck of fun makes the actual photo-taking session feel like a breeze. Whether coaxing authentic smiles from toddlers or finding that perfect light to make your moments pop, we’ve got this. Imagine a session where you’re actually encouraged to be your wonderfully imperfect self, with all the quirks and giggles that come with it. No stiff poses here; we’re all about the laughter, the spontaneity, and the kinds of photos that scream, “This is us, and it’s awesome.”

Beyond the Camera: Building Connections
This isn’t just about today’s photos; it’s about capturing your evolving story. Imagine having someone who cherishes your milestones and memories as much as you do, ready to document your journey every step of the way.

Welcome to the MKP Family!
Opting for MKP means you’re not just looking for photos; you’re here for an experience where your life’s moments are authentically captured and celebrated, reveling in the now, the chaos, and the calm. More importantly, it’s about forging a lasting relationship. Some of my clients’ kiddos started with me in (or before) kindergarten and are planning senior photos. As your family’s visual historian, I adore creating a treasure trove of memories for you and your family that will remain vibrant for decades.

Too long; Didn’t Read? (TL;DR)

  • Booking: Reach out through my contact form!
  • Session Vibes: Relaxation & Enjoyment. You just be you, and let me worry about capturing the magic.
  • Genuine Connections: It’s all about authentic moments that echo your unique story.
  • A Place for Everyone: Your story matters in all its beautiful, diverse glory. Whether we work together once or for 15+ years, each moment matters.
  • Simplicity: From our first hello to your gallery reveal, the process is seamless and stress-free.
  • Specialty: Wonderful, Kind, Humans enjoying the world with an affinity for LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent communities.

Ready to capture some real magic together?
Let’s make those moments that will last a lifetime.

Your family is worth it.
Melissa is WORTH IT!

Melissa is not only an incredible photographer, she’s an incredible person! Any person with a camera can take a picture, but you want your photographs to convey family, love, happiness. Melissa does that. We have entrusted Melissa with capturing our family’s big events since we found out we were expecting our first child. Three pregnancies, birthdays, and many milestones later…we have every important moment documented with perfection, thanks to Melissa. She is the person who has a solution to any problem…a fast thinker and always prepared.

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