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Sometimes it’s simply about the moment.  Everyone happened to be together, in the same room, at the same time, and it was important to remember that.

For Christmas 2009, these wonderful people were gifted a gift certificate for a photo shoot with me.  That gift certificate was printed and hung on a bulletin board, presumably in their kitchen.  I have a similar bulletin board in my office, you tack things there to remember them, and then they get covered by other things you mean to remember.  And ostensibly, those things you meant to remember, you forget.

Time forged on and somehow, this fall, I came up in conversation.  The gift certificate was uncovered and I was pleasantly astounded to receive this ‘blast from the past’ sort of email.  It was Thanksgiving, and everyone was going to be together.

I showed up at a beautiful old farmhouse that simply sang of it’s history just from pulling in the drive.  I entered this home that percolated New England from it’s every nook and cranny.

I met the family, and we headed off to the living room that was filled with sunlight and memories.  The walls were spattered with music and the end tables full of Ireland.  Testaments to the foundation that got everyone to where they were today. In this room, with me.

Then, I photographed the very simple act of being together.  NH Family Photography NH family generations photography Melissa Koren 01 NH family generations photography Melissa Koren 02 NH family generations photography Melissa Koren 03 NH family generations photography Melissa Koren 04 NH family generations photography Melissa Koren 05

All told, it took maybe 15 minutes.  But the impression on me is indelible.  It didn’t need to be themed, (though the room completely contributes to the story) it didn’t need to be artsy, it didn’t need to be over the top. But it needed to happen.  The act of being a family and remember the people you surround yourself with.

All too often we wait to take pictures at the ‘right time’ or in the ‘right place’ when really all we need is be together.  That’s what makes it right. The straightforwardness of being connected.

It’s beautiful, and I’d love to make an image of it for you.

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