Your Ultimate Guide to NH & Maine Summer Beach Vacation Photos

Hello, beach-loving friends! Are you ready to capture some ‘Summer Magic’™? I’ve got your ultimate guide to NH & Maine Summer Beach Vacation Photos right here! 🏖️

Ready to tack down some picture-perfect memories by the water this summer? Grab your flip-flops and your favorite hydrating (or not-so-hydrating) beverage because we’re diving right into the what, when, and how of snagging those dreamy NH & Maine summer beach vacation photos!

Golden Hour Goodness

First things first, let’s chat about timing. Ever wondered why all those beach photos look like they’ve been dusted with a bit of magic? It’s all about the timing! The absolute best time for those glowy, soft, can’t-believe-this-exists pictures is at … Sunrise!

I know, you thought I’d say sunset; it’s great, too. Just consider the following:

We’re on the East Coast, which means the sun RISES as a backdrop to the beach – but it generally sets exactly opposite the ocean. That means that for you, the sun, and the ocean to be in one photo, we’d want to be up with the early birds.

“Melissa.. what?! You want me to set my alarm how {insert your favorite expletive} early?”

Yes, it’s early. I don’t deny it. BUT, think of it as an exclusive VIP pass to Mother Nature’s best show! The beach is practically yours. The heat has not turned up the dial yet. Not a photobomb in sight (unless a seagull decides to join – they’re notorious for loving the limelight).

Less sweating. Less squinting. Less stranger photobombing your family photos. Plus, you can get the best seats at breakfast, with perhaps an adult beverage, before you head back to HQ and take a cat nap, only to wake up refreshed and ready to have a full day!

Extra bonus? You get a discounted session fee if you’re willing to set that #*&@^% alarm!

Not here for the sunrise? I totally understand. Let’s talk sunset!

Capturing those dreamy sunset photos can make for some beautifully lit memories, but it’s worth a chat about timing, especially if you’ve little ones in your crew. Evening shoots, as lovely as they are, might butt heads with bedtime routines. Having photographed hundreds of beach sessions, I can tell you – overtired kids (and grownups) are not always interested in participating in group activities after a full day of activities, close to or past ‘the witching hour’.

That’s not to say don’t consider it, just that a bit of forward-thinking can make all the difference. Tweaking nap times, coming back from activities much earlier than you’d expect, and adding a big buffer to the time you allot to get ready will help ensure you also have some downtime between the day and the session. Having a meal (even a small one) before your session, even if you’re going out to dinner after, and having some snacks and water on hand during the session can all add to the success of an evening that’s going to be on the later side for the late-nights-are-not-my-jam crowd. The main thing is keeping the experience enjoyable and laid-back for everyone, without the added pressure of some little cartoon characters (Sleepy, Grumpy, and their long-lost cousin Hungry).

“Ok, timing matters, I totally get it,” I hear you say, “But let’s talk specifics” – yes, let’s!

Sunrise Sessions can start 15 minutes before sunrise and last until 2 hours after sunrise; the reverse is true for sunset. The closer to the sun hitting the horizon, the better.

For example, in mid-August, a 1-hour Sunrise session could start as early as 5:30 am or as late as 7:30 am, and a 1-hour sunset session could start as early as 5:45 pm or as late as 7:00 pm.

Here are the approximate Sunrise/Sunset Times for booking your NH & Maine Summer Beach Vacation Photos:

  • Mid-June: 5:00 am/8:30 pm
  • Mid-July: 5:15 am/8:20 pm
  • Mid-August: 5:45 am/7:45 pm
  • Mid-September: 6:15 am/6:45 pm

One more thing to keep in mind for planning purposes with smaller, shallow beaches is the tide. 99% of the beaches I’ve worked at have enough space to maneuver even at high tide, but there are a few that completely disappear, so keep that in mind when considering the date and timing of your session!

What days of the week do you book NH & Maine Summer Beach Vacation Photos?

Sunrise Sessions are available most days, with the exception of Saturdays.

Evening/Sunset Sessions are available from Monday to Thursday.

Weekend Sunset Session pricing & logistics can be discussed if your dates do not include a weekday. However, unless you have private beach access, I strongly encourage you to consider a sunrise session, as weekends at the beach are often extra hectic into the late evening and beyond.

How far in advance should I book?

If you’re coming to the area for a specific week, I suggest reaching out as soon as you make your NH & Maine Summer Beach Vacation plans. If I have availability for your week, we’ll book tentatively as early in the trip as possible so we have wiggle room if the day is a washout. Then, as your vacation gets closer, we’ll firm up the date, time, and location!

If there are no specific dates to work around, I can usually find a place on the schedule for you and your family within 2 to 4 weeks of your inquiry!

Most times we’ll book for a date in the timeframe you’re on the beach, and solidify the exact date, time, and place as we get closer to the session.

Last minute? Don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll do what I can to find a space that works!

Combos and Candids

Once we’re all in the same place, it’s go-time! We’ll mix and match – the whole fam, grand parents & grandkids, just the kiddos, individual kids, couples, cousins – you name it! We’ll create it!

Can we get photos IN the water?

Yes, I highly encourage it! I come prepared to splash and play and capture all the fun from any angle! (I don’t have waterproof cameras, so there are limits, but if I can, I will!)

After our session, I’ll sprinkle some editing magic, and voilà, your photos will be ready in 2-3 weeks in a shareable online gallery where everyone in the session can access and download all the digital image files fit to deliver from your session. There is no limit to the amount of images. A full family session often results in 100+ images in your gallery.

Weather Policy

I always recommend scheduling as early in your vacation as possible so we have some wiggle room for additional dates if needed, or sometimes we’ll adjust the time of the session to work around the rain. I’ve worked between many a summer evening storm rolling through – sometimes, you get lucky enough to get a rainbow!

Unless it’s a complete washout, your session will be a go. In the event the weather looks iffy, I’ll be in touch 24-48 hours ahead of time to discuss a plan B, but we won’t pull the trigger until we have to.

Your Beach Session Checklist:

  • Pack the sunscreen – Sun-kissed, not sun-scorched!
  • Bring the props – Sand toys, beach balls, your private boat, or that giant flamingo float? If you want to get to the fun of it, I’m ready! Yes, please!
  • Outfits – Think coordinating, not matching. Comfortable but cute wins the race! Pick a color scheme and let the personal style’s of each family member shine. Remember shorts/bloomers for any skirted participants.
  • Snacks and water – Keep those family members young and less young happy and hydrated.
  • Backup clothes for after the session – Just in case the waves are too tempting to resist!

Are you ready to chase the sun with me? Let’s turn those fleeting summer moments into everlasting memories with your NH & Maine summer beach vacation photos. I can’t wait to see your beautiful faces light up in the sea spray!

Let’s schedule your NH & Maine Summer Beach Vacation Photos! 🌅


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