A Guide to a Joyful Relaxed at Home NH Newborn Photography Session

Becoming a parent is an experience filled with joy, awe, and, admittedly, a fair bit of chaos. That’s why capturing those early moments of life, though fleeting, is something truly special. If you decide to embark on this journey with an at home NH Newborn Photography Session, here are some thoughts on making your newborn session as smooth and enjoyable as can be.

The Baby Whisperer’s Early Beginnings

My journey with newborns started when I was just 3 1/2, when my baby brother entered the world. From changing his diapers to ensuring he was fed, my connection with babies was evident from the start. It’s a bond that has only grown stronger with time. My clients often dub me the “baby whisperer,” half-jokingly asking if I offer services at 2 am. To put it simply, babies are my Zen.

Me & my brother
Me & my son

What to Expect During Your Session

A newborn photography session with me isn’t your typical photo shoot. While the session itself takes about 45-60 minutes, I allot a full two hours to accommodate feeding, changing, and soothing. It’s a no-rush affair because babies are unpredictable but also completely in charge. Plus, those unexpected moments often lead to the most treasured captures.

Concerned about your home being photo-ready?

Let those worries go. A small, clean floor space by a window suffices, and we can work magic in nurseries, playrooms, beds, and couches alike. A quick declutter might help, but we’re after candid, unguarded moments, not magazine-cover perfection.

Timing is Everything

The ideal window for a newborn session is between 2-8 days after birth, though anytime within the first month is is generally fine. As a rule, the older the baby gets, the harder it is to get the smooshy sleepy poses, but there’s never a bad time to document their cuteness! The sooner you let me know of your little one’s arrival, the better we can plan to capture their earliest days with the warmth and love they deserve.

Keeping Calm and Carrying On

Remember, babies are attuned to our emotions. A relaxed environment not only enhances the experience for you and your baby but also translates into more genuine and serene photographs. So, take a deep breath, maybe even a catnap or shower during the session – if you need it – I’ve got the soothing and photographing covered.

Dress for Comfort (and Cute Diaper Butts)

Whether you opt for cozy, fun outfits or the classic naked baby bottom, comfort is key. A variety of outfits is welcome, but start with your favorite to ensure it gets captured. If you’re hoping for some naked baby bottom, try to avoid elastic marks on their delicate skin and keep clothes and diapers loose prior to the shoot.

Warmth and Siblings

A warm room is a happy baby’s secret for those peaceful, sleepy poses. If we’re aiming for those adorable, serene shots, having the space nicely heated makes all the difference. Siblings are more than welcome to join in at the start, contributing to a blend of playful and tender family moments before the focus shifts solely to the newest member (and then siblings are welcome to hang out and watch or head off to do something more suited to their interests at the moment)

The Beauty of Newborn Sessions

Expect a session filled with patience, waiting, a bit of feeding, and yes, the occasional newborn surprise! It’s part and parcel of why I adore what I do. After all, now that my own “baby” towers over 6′, capturing the fleeting moments of your little one’s early life feels even more precious.

A Few Extra Tips

Pacifiers can be a peaceful tool in our arsenal, keeping newborns soothed and sleepy. However, remember that you, the baby, and perhaps a special prop or two, are all that’s truly needed for a memorable session.

Let’s Create Magic Together

At Melissa Koren Photography, it’s about more than just taking pictures. It’s about capturing the essence of your family’s newest addition in the most authentic, loving way. So, let’s join forces to freeze this time in portraits filled with the genuine beauty and innocence of your newborn’s first days.


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