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Southern NH Winter Engagement Session

‘Wear layers and maybe bring a blanket’ was my advice to this Southern NH Winter Engagement Session couple. Their response? “We love the cold!!” They also love the big charm of a small country town! We met at the Newfields boat launch, and then took ou …

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I have a proposal for you!

A NH Beach Proposal! Spoiler alert, she said yes! How awkward would it be if I posted these photos and she HADN’T said yes‽ It was an idyllic day. The sky and the ocean were to incredibly different, yet striking shades of blue. The warmth of the sun wo …

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It’s like rain, on your engagement session!

You know those dreary, misty, you never know what time of day it is because you never see the sun days? The kind where you just want to curl up on the couch? Well, they’re also perfect days for a cozy, romantic, Seacoast NH Engagement Session! We check …

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In all the years I’ve lived here, I’ve never done this before!

Stratham HIll Engagement Session

I’ve photographed many a time at Stratham Hill Park. I’ve lived on the seacoast for nearly 30 years. But this Stratham Hill Engagement Session was the first time I actually climbed the HILL part. So THERE’S that tower they’re always talking about. We p …

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Love glows.

Wason Pond NH Engagement Session

Oh man! This Wason Pond NH Engagement Session!! We wandered the woods looking for allll the light And man did we find it. They indulged my oooh, climb in these weeds, sit on that stump, tie your dog to that tree and snuggle ups and we chased the sunset …

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We go together like chocolate and ______?

Exeter NH Engagement Photos

While we’ve already had SO much fun at their Granite Rose Wedding, let’s do the time warp back to Abby & Justin’s Exeter NH Engagement Photos and learn a few things about them! What do you do for fun!? Readout loud to each other, play video games, …

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Hurricane love.

Gay Engagement Photos Salisbury Beach

Let’s go to the beach the said. It will be fun they said. Well, these LGBT Engagement Photograph Salisbury Beach photos were fun. But it was a little windier than we bargained for! We knew there was a tropical storm churning further down the coast, but …

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“I’d rob a funeral home for you.”

Exeter NH Masterminds Engagement Session

Let me tell you how this Exeter NH Masterminds Engagement Session came about… Email: V & V to me: Also, being the comedy-loving weirdos that we are, we were wondering if we could take a couple of “awkward photos,” inspired by a scene from the mov …

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Chasing the light.

Salisbury Beach LGBTQ Engagement Photos

Traffic sucked. We crossed messages on the meeting spot. It was cloudy. But the sun was still setting. These Salisbury Beach LGBTQ Engagement Photos were off to a rocky start (no pun intended). We found each other and found our rocks and the sun broke …

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Under the bridge (the coolest spot in town)

Newburyport engagement session

It was the hottest day all summer, but you wouldn’t know it with these two cool cats during their Brilliant Engagement Photographs in Newburyport. The weather was BRUTAL, but they were coming from a distance and we’d already rescheduled once, so the ti …

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