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Twinkle Twinkle Little Sessions!

This past winter, I created “micro sessions” which in the true meaning of the word, was like a mini-session, only shorter! I wanted a way to offer NH Winter Holiday Photos in a safe, quick, fun format. And I wanted to do it at home. After the fun I’d h …

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The Rainbow Connection

In a year that was riddled with separation, the ability to be together was even more of a treasure than normal. Add in a brand new, first-ever, grandbaby, and these NH Beach Sunset Photos were even more of a gift. I mean, they were literally a gift, bu …

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Round 2! ?

After finishing our Baby’s First Year package with an adorable First Birthday Session, I was incredibly sad for our journey to come to an end. Engagement photos, Wedding, Newborn… you get the point. Well, come to find out, our next step was right aro …

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The sweetest daddy’s girl.

I am 100% a daddy’s girl, so I definitely have a soft spot for that father daughter connection. And seeing great dads, like in these Cozy NH Fall Family Photos gives me all the warm and fuzzies. I don’t know why there’s not a ‘mommy’s girl’ colloquiali …

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At-Home Mini Sessions!

Let’s say you miss my October/November mini-session dates but you still need Seacoast NH Family Photos. What to do, what to do? I have a mini-session option you can schedule any time! My ‘I Get A Kick Out of You’ session is perfect for quick family pho …

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Fall leaves and short sleeves!

When I first started offering baby’s first-year packages, I wasn’t actually sure they’d be popular. Well, I’m always glad to be wrong when it means I get to see these sweet little bobble heads reach milestones and develop a personality! We first met th …

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Ogres, onions, winter sessions.

Fall Family Photos at Odiorne State Park! The thing about fall photos is you can never guess what the weather will be. That time of year, it could be 80 degrees. It could be 35 degrees. Both are totally ok for a session, but if it’s going to be on the …

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Take me to the river!

“Take me to the river” I said to my brother. A river runs through our families land, and my brother and his fam spend a lot of time exploring out there. I’ve been wanting to do NH River Family Session for ages, and, well, there seemed no time like the …

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Hmm, which kid is which?

NH Fall Family MIni Sessions

The most fantastic thing happened as I was putting together this NH Fall Family Mini Sessions post. In this group of 3 families, I’ve been photographing each kid since they were in their moms’ bellies. I’ve known one couple since high school and photog …

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Time and tide wait for no one.

No one. Man, woman, or photographer. This Romantic Couples Session at the Cliff House was simply stupendous. A kind and extremely thoughtful husband, J reached out about planning S a birthday celebration, complete with couples photos! Often times, when …

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