Baby E! An Exeter NH newborn session with history.

It’s been baby fever around these parts and I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT! I was happily meeting a new family in this Exeter NH newborn session when I realized – they might not be as “new” as I thought.

The family name was familiar, but it’s a local name so that wasn’t too unusual. But as we were shooting and chatting and soothing the little one, I asked about it.

Me: “Are you any relation to the local business with your name?”

Baby’s dad “yes – yes I am”

Me: “Did you used to live there?”

Dad: “yes – yes I did”

Me: “Ok, cool. I used to be your babysitter.” 🤯

Like…. WHAT!?

It was so fantastic and felt like an oddly full-circle moment. He wasn’t more than 3 or 4 last time I saw him and now here I am with HIS baby.

But it also made me feel Old. With a capital O. 😂

We moved here when I was 12 from Massachusetts. And I couldn’t WAIT to leave this place and get back to ‘city life’.

However, I’m so grateful I didn’t run away. The history and connections I’ve made in this crazy, small, Stars Hollow town will never cease to bemuse me and warm my heart!

The 2nd best part of this session was trying to get the dogs and the baby on the same couch 🤣 the shot we got CRACKS me up. It’s ok pups – he’ll be fun to play with sooner than you know!

Did you love this Exeter NH Newborn session post? It’s the best being a NH newborn photographer!

Emily & Adam: A Queer Elopement at Wells Reserve at Laudholm

Emily and Adam had the most perfect early spring queer elopement at Wells Reserve at Laudholm. Just a week earlier we’d had a foot of snow, but it melted away just in time for this beautiful ceremony. Eloping at Wells Reserve at Laudholm is a great way to celebrate your love with your partner in a beautiful and secluded setting.