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NH Senior Yearbook Photos!

Happy Graduation to these Class of 2021 seniors! It was a crazy year, for sure. But having these NH Senior Yearbook Photos to remember it by will help decorate your stories to tell for years to come. I sometimes wonder what our kids will tell their kid …

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Time in a bottle.

Stratham NH Senior Pictures

Time. Flies. The first time I met this crazy talented girl, it was at her mother’s fitness studio- Jubilation. Shortly thereafter, we did some acting headshots. She, and her brother, are crazy talented and you’ve probably seen them taking over the worl …

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Kids + Pets go together like…

southern nh senior pictures

My first answer to that question is always peanut butter and jelly. But plenty of things go together! Including these pet-loving Class of 2021 graduates who wanted their Southern NH senior pictures with their pups! My approach to senior pictures is to …

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Can we do family photos at my senior’s session?

Seacoast NH Senior Family Photos

The answer: Yes. Absolutely. But I like to do it in two different parts, like these Seacoast NH Senior Family Photos. We start with senior yearbook photos (or family photos) first, ideally with just me and the senior. Then we add in the rest of the cre …

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Class of 2021: NH Senior Yearbook Photos

NH Senior Yearbook Photos

Late Summer, early fall – also known as ’tis the season’ for NH Senior Yearbook Photos! I have known both these boys for most of their lives and photographed them with their families many times over the years. My own kid graduated in 2018 and while it …

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I dreamed of writing this blog.

Seacoast NH Senior Photos

2020 – Senior Photos 2008 – Same barn – Kindergarten (and my first year photographing kids + families) It was an October day in 2008 when I first had the thought of these Seacoast NH Senior Photos. I was just barely starting my family photography ‘thin …

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Yearbook Photos: Class of 2021

NH Senior Photos

It’s been ages since I’ve done NH Senior Yearbook Photos for a trumpet player and their trumpet! A decade even! It’s a little weird to think that the seniors I photographed that year are very close to 29/30 at this point. Which is how old I was when I …

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that peaceful, easy feeling.

It’s time for some Amesbury MA Senior Pictures! This wonderful senior wanted a woodsy, grassy feel and my first thought was Amesbury’s Deer Island! This small (less than 5 acres at high tide!) island is right near the Newburyport Amesbury line and the …

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5 Things to Consider for Your NH Senior Yearbook Photo Session!

🙌 The Importance of a NH Senior Yearbook Photo Session 🎓 Ah, senior yearbook photos! They’re like love letters to your younger self, sealed with a smile and a graduation cap! 🎓 These photos? They’re not just paper and print—they’re timeless keepsakes f …

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Graduating in a Pandemic.

NH Graduation Photos

NH Graduation Photos. Spoiler alert: The culmination of all your years of learning during a pandemic is NOT FUN. 12 years of High School. 4 Years of College. 8 Years of College. 2 years of college. It doesn’t matter. This once in a lifetime pandemic BS …

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