Seacoast NH Senior Family Photos

Can we do family photos at my senior’s session?

The answer: Yes. Absolutely. But I like to do it in two different parts, like these Seacoast NH Senior Family Photos. We start with senior yearbook photos (or family photos) first, ideally with just me and the senior. Then we add in the rest of the crew for a family session!

I think it’s important to make sure your child is on board with your plan – they may want you there and you plan not to be. They might not want you there, and you plan to be. Have a quick chat with them about how much autonomy they want in the process.

Yes, you’re probably paying for it, and you are the parent, but this is one of those ‘things’ that can be a memory.

I say that, but then when I actually try and think about mine, I *think* I drove myself to the mall alone, or with my then BF… and the guy did not make me feel confident AT ALL. But it’s been 25 years ? and that memory has faded. I do remember it made a lasting impression for a while though ?

Anyway, just have a quick chat with your kid about what, if any, expectations they have and how they’ll most feel at ease in the awkward time that is Senior Pictures.

If you’re incorporating a family session too (and in this case their first family photos in over 10 years) for the love of all that is love, HAVE THIS MUCH FUN!

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There are adventures to have and memories to keep so let’s get to it!


Family Babymoon! (Now, with actual moon)

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