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Baby O! NH LGBTQ Maternity + Newborn Photos

NH LGBTQ Maternity + Newborn Photos

I knew from their York Maine Dockside Queer Wedding that these mamas have what it takes to make amazing photos. But these NH LGBTQ Maternity + Newborn Photos illustrate they also have what it takes to make an amazing baby! When I saw the news they were …

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Pilar + Heather – An Exeter NH Bungalow Club Wedding

LGBTQ Wedding in Exeter, NH

There isn’t a number, or a unit, or even a word big enough to quantify the amount of love that was present at this Bungalow Club Exeter NH Wedding. Maybe you can tell from the hugs. Or from the joyfulness and exuberance on all the guests’ faces. But th …

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Summertime Wight Barn Sturbridge MA Queer Wedding

Oh the FUN we had at this Wight Barn Sturbridge MA Queer Wedding! The bright blue sky was amplified by perfectly puffy clouds as Emma and Steph got ready in the same space, but divided by a barn door. They’d seen their various pieces and accessories, b …

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Becky + Dewie: Married! North Conway NH LGBT Wedding

North Conway NH LGBT Wedding-0050

It was a beautiful day for this North Conway NH LGBT Wedding. Beautiful puffy clouds floated in the sky as they had a ceremony tailored just for them. Becky + Dewie had a June 2020 wedding planned. Living in Florida and planning a destination wedding i …

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Eloping in NH: Your Guide to the BEST New Hampshire Elopement

Lesbian LGBTQ couple elope Oceanside at their campsite

New Hampshire is a magical place to get married, but did you know it’s also a great place to elope? Up until a handful of years ago, you would only hear about an elopement in terms of people running off to the courthouse or NYC when they eloped. Elopem …

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Southern Maine Queer Elopement. Ashley + Shay: Married

LGBTQ Maine Pandemic Elopement

Often when I look through a blog gallery I’ll hear a soundtrack, and man if this isn’t even screaming loud inside my head as I re-witness the love, emotion, sweetness, sincerity + absolutely fantasticness that is this Southern Maine Queer Elopement! So …

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You have how many dogs? ??‍???

NH LGBT Family Photos

I love the family in these NH LGBT Family Photos! We’ve done various photos over the years to incorporate the puppies, but this time they said, oh, and we have 4 dogs. So off I went to try and get an image of 4 dogs and a toddler in the same frame. Wha …

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Hurricane love.

Gay Engagement Photos Salisbury Beach

Let’s go to the beach the said. It will be fun they said. Well, these LGBT Engagement Photograph Salisbury Beach photos were fun. But it was a little windier than we bargained for! We knew there was a tropical storm churning further down the coast, but …

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Chasing the light.

Salisbury Beach LGBTQ Engagement Photos

Traffic sucked. We crossed messages on the meeting spot. It was cloudy. But the sun was still setting. These Salisbury Beach LGBTQ Engagement Photos were off to a rocky start (no pun intended). We found each other and found our rocks and the sun broke …

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Sweet Love, knocks me off my feet. – Jen & Vanessa, Married!

Not only really great song lyrics, but they made for fantastic signature cocktail names at Vanessa & Jen’s Bella Luna Queer Wedding. As a kid, my dad was always into classic cars, and I’m nearly certain we went to the Larz Anderson Car Museum at on …

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