NH LGBTQ Maternity + Newborn Photos

Baby O! NH LGBTQ Maternity + Newborn Photos

NH LGBTQ Maternity + Newborn Photos

I knew from their York Maine Dockside Queer Wedding that these mamas have what it takes to make amazing photos. But these NH LGBTQ Maternity + Newborn Photos illustrate they also have what it takes to make an amazing baby!

When I saw the news they were pregnant on Instagram I did a little happy dance in my chair for them. When they reached saying they wanted me to photograph their parenting adventure well – I had to get out of my chair for that happy dance!

Our first adventure? This KILLER maternity session on the beach. K was up for literally anything and I was screaming and swooning like a school girl seeing the Beatles during the whole session. (Which wasn’t all that long given that it was 95 degrees and even in the water no one wants to be 8 1/2 months pregnant in the sun on a hot day HAHA)

But we used our time wisely and MAN this session ♥️

Then sweet, little, baby man arrived and well – my heart? It melted.

His snuggles are divine. His eyes are gorgeous. And then, they brought out this grandma knit giraffe outfit, and grandma knit elephant, tiger, and SLOTH and I died. Died dead.

Being that my sweet, “little”, baby man is actually a fully legal 21-year-old grown man, I get such love and nostalgia every time I get to work with your little ones.

Thank you for sharing your family with me! xoxo

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