Kayla & Paloma: Late Summer Dockside Wedding York Maine

As if I wasn’t already smitten with Kayla & Paloma and their Late Summer Dockside Wedding York Maine, they went ahead and posted this compliment on their FB –

Shout out to the wonderful Melissa Koren Wilson who went above and beyond her duties to make sure our day was extra fabulously penguintastic.. THANK YOU! so many unicorns and rainbows!

PENGUINTASTIC!? I’ve NEVER been more excited about a compliment!

Event Coordinator: Nicole Mower Weddings & Events
Officiant: Family Friend
DJ/Entertainment: DJ Leah V
Florist: Flowers by Leslie
Venue: Dockside, York ME
Cake Vendor: Random Acts of Sweetness
Hair: Katy Garafano
Makeup: Cassandra Vazquez
Photobooth: Maine to Boston Photobooth

The wedding day was the very definition of them. Full of color and sass, but completely relaxed and approachable. (An approachable wedding? sure – let’s roll with it)

If it wasn’t bright in color, it was bedazzled – like their custom wedding converse!
Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding16 Most of the getting ready happened all together, but the girls split off just in time to put on their dresses and get ready for the big reveal as each of their families walked them down the aisle. Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding17 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding18 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding19 Kayla was so nervous – not about seeing Paloma, but about her dad seeing her all dolled up in her stunning wedding gown! Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding20 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding21 Meanwhile, I checked in on these two beauties – Paloma and her mother – who were holding down the upstairs fort with alllll the style!
Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding22 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding23 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding24 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding25 And then it was time for Kayla’s dad.  With tears in everyone’s eyes – including my own – we all witnessed the lovely moment when a father first sees his little girl as a bride. *sniff*Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding26 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding27 Then we finagled some logistics of getting Kayla across the back of the building and into where she would wait for the ceremony.  There was a lot of giggling. Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding28 And then – the magic happened!Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding29 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding30 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding31 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding32 Late Summer Dockside Wedding York Maine Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding34 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding35 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding36 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding37 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding38 Color. Sass. Bedazzled. Pizazz. Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding39 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding40 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding41 Dockside, York Maine Wedding Dockside, York Maine Wedding Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding44 Nicole Mower and her team did an incredible job with all the details, per usual!Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding45 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding46 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding47 One weekend there are shots during the ceremony, the next there are shots during the first dance.  I definitely did my wedding all wrong 😉Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding48 They and some surprise Latin dance moves up their sleeves… wait, they’re not wearing sleeves … Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding49 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding50 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding51 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding52 These two LOVE their families – especially the adorable younger generation!Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding53 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding54 I have to admit, I can usually tell about a cake smash – but I didn’t see this one coming!Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding55 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding56 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding57 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding58 Best part about an ice cream sundae bar is having to eat the creation you made to take a photo of 😉 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding59 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding60 Dockside ME Same Sex Wedding61

In case it wasn’t abundantly clear – this Late Summer Dockside Wedding York Maine was ALL the fun.

Thank you, ladies, for allowing me to be privy to your perfect day!

~xoxo MelissaKoren


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