How Many Moments in 15 minutes? Making the Most of Your Mini Session

Hey there, beautiful families! I’m often asked about my mini-sessions, and I get it.

“Just 15 minutes, Melissa? Really?”

Let’s dive right into the energetic whirlwind that are mini-sessions and reveal a little magic! Check out these slideshows of complete sessions!

Unpacking the Magic of Mini Sessions

So, picture this. 15 minutes where you and your kiddos be your AWESOME selves while the camera and I dance around you, capturing all those sweet, hilarious, authentic LIFE moments. These sessions are quick-fire, snapshot sessions that let you dip your toes into the photo-session world without the commitment of a full session.

Perfect for the little ones who are the speediest movers and shakers!

How Many Clicks? How Many Pics?

Now, the main gist. Sweet memories don’t come in numbers, but if you are wondering about the number of images, typically, your gallery will have 40-60 images. Yep! That‘s 40-60 pieces of your family’s awesomeness. Each image is not just a picture; it’s a reflection of your family’s vibrant energy, personalities, and love!

Tips to Rock Your Mini Session

Want some insider tips on how to get the most out of your mini-session with me? Here they are:

  1. Come as You Are
    You are perfect just the way you are – all your laughter, randomness, and even the cuddly, tearful moments. Let’s capture them all!
  2. Embrace the Spontaneity
    Serendipity is my co-photographer – and the unplanned, spontaneous moments are the ones that steal the show. Just roll with them!
  3. Trust the Process
    Trust me, you are in safe hands! Being a mom and 17+ year veteran photographer, I’ve honed the ninja skills to capture the best from your little squirrels and grumpy teens alike.
  4. It‘s ALL Fun!
    This is your time to enjoy! Fun and laughter is the secret ingredient to those images that make your heart swell every time you look at them.

Less Time, More Heart-Touch Moments

15 minutes may zip past in a blur! But my mini-sessions capture your family’s essence in the blink of an eye. Every frame holds the possibility to brim with raw, beautiful emotion, creating a vivid photograph that commands you to hold on to it forever.

That’s what a mini session with Melissa Koren Photography is all about! So buckle up, folks; less time on the clock and more time to get on to the things that don’t start with “So we’re having our photo taken…” 😂

Are you ready to book your 2023 Fall Mini Session?


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