NH Fall Mini Sessions

Southern NH Fall Mini Sessions

What happens during Southern NH Fall Mini Sessions?

  1. We take pictures. 
  2. I sing a lot of weird songs. 
  3. I make a lot of silly noises. 
  4. You get all the combinations of family photos you can think of. 
  5. We finish the session before your kids burn out, meltdown, or think that taking pictures is terrible. 

When are your next mini-sessions?

October and November 2021 dates are announced – grab your spot here!

–> Booking Closed

Where do I find these announcements

First place you’ll find out is my newsletter! I don’t send one often, but when I do – it’s entertaining. Well, it’s entertaining to me and I’ve had others tell me the same thing. You be the judge! (Sign up at the bottom of this page!)

This year 75% of mini sessions were gone via email before they hit social media! It’s really the first place for the news you want! 😂

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Emily & Adam: A Queer Elopement at Wells Reserve at Laudholm

Emily and Adam had the most perfect early spring queer elopement at Wells Reserve at Laudholm. Just a week earlier we’d had a foot of snow, but it melted away just in time for this beautiful ceremony. Eloping at Wells Reserve at Laudholm is a great way to celebrate your love with your partner in a beautiful and secluded setting.