Molly & Tim are the first couple to officially find me on Instagram! They were looking for ideas for their Odiorne Point Engagement Session & Wedding and well – hashtags!

Molly, her mom and I met up at Me & Ollies and after talking a little while knew we’d be a great match.

The next step? The Odiorne Point Winter Engagement Session!

The day was cold, but not so cold we couldn’t brave the ocean. Molly and Tim were super excited about having their sweet little puppy along with them. Duke.

If Waldo had a dog, I think he’d be just like Duke.

Duke was determined to be the star of every photo. If we tried to leave him out of them, the sounds he’d make were simply heartbreaking (and pathetic 😂) so if you look close, you’ll see him in most of the photos. Even if he’s not ‘supposed’ to be.

We explored some new paths in the park and somehow managed to not wipe out on the black ice!

There are so many wonderful nooks and crannies on our concentrated 19 miles of coast line – and the park is no exception. Even in the winter there’s so much beauty to behold!

Along with the whimpering and howling, Duke was shivering the whole time. I’m admittedly, not a dog person in the sense that I have no desire to ever own a dog. But this little sweetie was so cute it was hard not to love him, and I felt so bad for him shivering!

I eventually realized he was just quivering with excitement, and not cold, but he vibrated so much it was like a purring cat!

Odiorne Point Engagement Session by Melissa Koren Photography. You can see more of my work online at and also on Facebook and Instagram! If you’d rather contact me directly, please email me at

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