A Day in Boston

Gifted with a Saturday where all of our schedules were clear for the entire day, Nichole, Benjamin & I decided to head off to Boston and see what we could see. Arriving at 11:30am we ate lunch at the Museum of Science and then proceeded to spend 5 more hours there! OMNI, 3-D, and exhibits new and old. Growing up in Massachusetts I took many at trip to MOS, and it awes me to bring my son now and see how much has changed, but how much is still very much the same.

After a great day closing down the museum we took off to the Union Oyster House and had an AMAZING dinner. I made them pose for a but had to promise to put away my camera for the rest of the evening! And then off to Fanueil Hall, finally saying goodbye to the city about 8:30pm.


Standing on the Side of Love

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