All Caught Up..

I apologize for the influx of posting today, it’s been an extremely busy month and I’m just starting to catch my breath. Looking forward I have more family pictures, engagement pictures, a holiday party and who knows what else might crop up! I hope to keep up with more regularity – but only time shall tell!

Working with the Groleaus again made me reflect back over the past year – what a ride! I never could have anticipated this kind of response just 12 short months ago. I’m thrilled to pieces at the compliments and the return business! 2008 looks to be quite promising as I’ve already got a few wedding contracts and even more inquiries. I can’t thank everyone enough for their support.

Till next time, warm wishes to you all. (The talk of snow here in NH is getting more and more frequent – we had quite a squall the other day, but nothing to write home about yet!)



Monica & Rob's Engagement 11.12.07

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