Amy & Greg 06.07.08

Amy and Greg had a most beautiful ceremony at the Margate in Laconia, NH on 06-07-08, which I thought was also a most fun wedding date!

Amy’s dress was Gorgeous – I couldn’t get enough of it!

She’s a hairdresser, so she and her girls set up ‘shop’ in the hotel room and all took care of each other. It was so much fun!

Details details everywhere!

Then it was time for Amy to start getting ready, it was just about then her nerves set in I think.

Cole, her son, was enjoying all the girly prepping going on, knowing full well his step dad and the guys next door were going to ‘throw on the suits’ at the last minute.

While they were hustling about I took a quick peek up stairs at the reception hall and then joined the guys as they finished getting spiffy. (And spiffy they were!)

Then it was back to Amy & the girls just in time – Breathtaking!

I won’t lie – it was HOT and muggy, but there was enough of a breeze off the lake that it made it almost comfortable, but very bright, at the ceremony.

I loved these two huge trees that provided us with some shade from the sun for formals.

Hunting enthusiast, they added a sportsman woodsy flavor to the wedding with grace and class. There were mason jar favors with gummy fish, gummy worms & bobbers – everything you could need to go fishing!

Amy & Greg were so smitten with each other. The rest of the night they partied hard and gazed into each others eyes when they could catch a moment.

These two decided to gaze into the bottom of a shot glass instead! :P~

Then it was time for acorn cupcakes – I’m glad they remember to take the acorns off before they shoved them (delicately) into each others faces!

After the cake – Greg & Amy and I snuck outside for some personal time with the sunset – What a night!!

Back inside the party was in full swing, these people were a great time and not afraid to dance!

My time with them ended with a gorgeously lit sky outside as they danced a slow dance on the first night of the rest of their lives.

Two days after their wedding I received this lovely email:

Just wanted to say thank-you very much for Saturday! Not only were you the photographer, but kept everything else in line.You were a pleasure to work with and we really appreciate you sharing in our day with us.Thanks again can’t wait to see the pictures, I’m sure there beautiful you made it look super easy…Talk to you soon.
Greg and Amy

Thank you Greg & Amy for letting me take part in such a touching day with you!


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