An intimate backyard wedding. Portsmouth, NH

As my world turns – Mark & Kelly – Married! An intimate backyard wedding. Portsmouth, NH

Let me tell you the tale of An intimate backyard mirco-wedding. Portsmouth, NH.  It’s also a tale of how we’re all connected.

Many moons ago, I worked for a real estate office, there was a very nice gentleman there and we worked together for a few years.  

Some moons ago, I met the wonderful owners of WHYM craft beer cafe and made some wonderful new friends, who I photograph and hang out with on the regular. 

A few moons ago, I photographed a sweet woman and her granddaughter, the apple of her eye.  One of those new friends had given the gift of photos! (that’s me)

One day, the gentleman and the sweet woman met.  And they were a perfect match.  Their eyes twinkled when the looked at each other.  And the way they would continue to look at their loved one even when the other looked away was the epitome of what love songs are about. 

The nice gentleman and the sweet woman decided to get married in an intimate backyard ceremony at their home, surrounded by their closest friends and family.  And that very sweet woman remembered how much she loved her minisession with her granddaughter and reached out to ‘The best photographer in the Seacoast’ (her words, not mine.. I mean, the customer’s always right!) and asked if said photographer could make some memories with them. 

And I was happy to! When I received their ‘getting to know you’ worksheet and put the pieces together as to who her fiance was, I was even more happy to!  There’s nothing more fun than when my world circles back on itself in a happy reunion! 

They shared their love and their I Do’s in a lovingly decorated gazebo, literally surrounded by their friends and family.  It was spectacular! And of course, her granddaughter, and two other beautiful little girls (one of whom I hang out with on the regular!) were the flower girls! 

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