Audrey & Justin 09.12.09

Audrey & Justin hosted their wedding in Plymouth, NH.  The ceremony was at the Greenhouse at the Italian Farmhouse and the getting ready and reception were at the Common Man Inn, all part of the Common Man family!  These locations were anything but common!

I arrived to the first getting ready room and immediately spotted these two details – I don’t know which is better, the awesome hair comb in Audrey’s bouquet or the flowers in the wine bottle. 


 The boys were getting ready in the same location, just one room over and they needed to move Audrey to the final getting ready room to get dressed so they were all looking to see if they could catch a glimpse of an empty hallway –  

 When the coast was clear they made a mad dash with Melissa guarding the boys’ exit next door.  It was very ‘mission impossible-esque’ 

Made it safe and sound!  This is such a great room!  

Audrey just looking stunning & her mom and sister saying hello.  I love good hugs.   

 Some fun places to photograph the dress & shoes

 Audrey’s gorgeous make-up was a joint effort between herself and her bridesmaid Jamie πŸ™‚ 

 After Melissa finished guarding the boys’ door she got all dolled up and came to the bridal suite.  She was stopped in her tracks when she saw the smokin’ hot dress hanging from the antler chandelier.  

 Her sister Sarah helps get her into her dress while her mom & bridesmaids look on.  Mom is clutching on to Jen’s hand with a look of excitement and pride.  

 More help from Jamie in getting finished up 

Gram looked gorgeous!  I like how well these two snuggle together.   

Audrey’s mom had scoped out this great brick room so we detoured through the inn before heading off to the ceremony.  

Audrey’s brother, gram & mom and Justin being escorted down the aisle by his folks.  

Wow. Just wow. This moment gets me every time but when I paired these two shots for the blog I felt like I was there again and I could feel how tangible the look between them is as they prepare to say their vows.   

Their dear friend Ben performed the ceremony.  It was so personal and heartfelt and full of anecdotes.  Laughter & tears came and went throughout the whole time.

How amazing is this venue!? 

 I’m pretty sure Ben called Justin out on something he’d done and Audrey agreed! 

 One of the things that never occurred to me when I started shooting weddings is the immense concentration it takes to adorn your loved one with a wedding band.  In this instance, Ben opened the box for Justin to take Audrey’s ring and instead he reached for his and as he went to put it on her realized that it was the wrong thing!  I mean just look at the size of Justin’s hand holding Audrey’s tiny dainty ring.  πŸ˜€ 

Once they got the bands right it was time to seal the deal.  They’re so romantic.  

The sky had threatened serious rain a few times, but it knew better than to try and washout this bunch.  

 High Five!

The girls had presented Audrey with these OMG cute boots & umbrella just in case and I can’t thank them enough for providing some extra fun shots! 

 More rockin’ bridal party entrances – Go Long! (is that the right term? I’m about as sports illiterate as they come) 

She smiled this smile the whole night.  WHAT A DIP! 

This was a first for me then – best man speech off the iPhone.  He had a hard time holding the mic and scrolling at the same time. I bet he wished the iPad was out then! 

The cake was so delicate but I couldn’t resist playing with my fisheye on the flowers.

They were equally as delicate with each other when they shared a first bite.  

I Love. Love. Love how Justin can envelope Audrey’s whole tiny being with just one arm.  She looks so safe and secure and he still has a free hand! 

Looking glamorous and Justin dancing with his grandmother.  

Both her dad and his mom look lost in thoughts of their journey with their kids through this point.  

 Then it was time to get down! 

 They tried to tell me that Sarah, Audrey’s sister had just given birth to twins a few months prior and I refused to believe it – then these little dudes made their cameo at the reception.  TOO CUTE! (and wow Sarah, wow.) πŸ™‚ 

It’s come to my attention that I like to take pictures of crazy dancing.  Thank you all for delivering for me.  

They can’t all be crazy – but judging by the other movement on the dance floor I’m not sure this was really a slow song, I think Audrey & Justin were just lost in a moment.   And I love that about them.

Audrey & Justin – thank you both so much for honoring me with the opportunity to be your photographer.  Your wedding was so full of love.  It was a pleasure to be a part of ~MelissaKoren

Thank you so the beautiful pictures!  They came out gorgeous… I can’t wait to start sending them around to people!  ~Audrey

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