Brookstone Park NH Fall Wedding

There’s nothing like having someone who truly knows the both of you officiate your wedding.

I’ve seen a lot of weddings at this point.  I mean a LOT.  We’re in the neighborhood of 300+ at this point.  That’s dumbfounding and humbling, for sure. That over 600 people have asked me to photograph them saying I DO. 

And I’ve seen a lot of what works ok, and what works great, and let me tell you – having a friend officiate your wedding, is one of my favorite personalizations.  

Lindsay & Blake’s Brookstone Park NH Fall Wedding was no exception.  Connor was part groomsman/part official marriage maker and he was fantastic.  He had great stories of days gone by and so many well wishes for their future.  He may have even teared up a little bit.  Or maybe that was just dust in his eye 😉 

After their NH Fall Engagement Session last fall, they knew I was a little crazy, and I knew they were up for anything! So when I corralled the whole family and wedding party over to a corner of the parking lot for formals, they didn’t question it.  And the magic was, well, magical!

The whole day was full of love, family, and laughter.  It doesn’t get much better than that! 

Thank you, Lindsay & Blake, for sharing another beautiful wedding day with me.  Full of inspiration, personal touches, and so much freaking fun! 

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