Celebrate Family! Rye Beach NH Family Photos

When you’re aunt has a beach house, you vacation there!  Such was the case for these Rye Beach NH Family Photos.  Caitlin wanted a photo of the whole fam-damily while they were up soaking in the late July sun.  I was happy to oblige!  Mother nature, however,  had a difference of opinion.  The day of the session was gorgeous, all day, until about 2 hours before we were set to meet when these crazy thunderstorms lined up across the state and came barreling towards the coast.  

It looked like they might pass before we were set to meet so we kept on keeping on.  As I left for the beach, the skies were clearing and it seemed all systems were a go and then. BOOM. The sky went pitch black and a visibility ending deluge began.  I went to call Caitlin – but here’s the thing about the beach – there’s no reception.  As I was driving around trying to see, and find a signal, I was rerouted by a giant downed tree across the road.  

I was finally able to get in touch with them, but with the younger of the cousins already being near bedtime, (and a little shaken by the massive storm) we decided we’d scratch the evening’s endeavor and try it again tomorrow. By the time I got back to my house, the skies were clear and calm and the sun set without incident.  

The next day was a gift, though.  No humidity, gentle breeze, calm waters. We finally made it to our intended destination and OH the fun we had! 

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