Chey & Scott: A York Maine Lobster in the Rough Wedding

Facebook has it’s crazy moments, but it’s full of awesome too.  Especially when I get emails like this:  “I hope you are enjoying the spring so far!  We have met in person a few times but are also facebook friends.  I am getting married on September 20th at Short Sands Beach/Lobster in the Rough in York, ME.  I know this is soooooooo late to book but I was wondering if you still had the date available.  I noticed that you have shot on Short Sands before and the photos (well, all of your photos) look amazing.”
Thankfully, I was still available for Chey & Scott’s spectacular seaside ceremony & rustic lobster filled reception! Oh – and you HAVE to make sure you go and check out their Adventure Time: Wedding Time Cake!
Event Coordinator
Fred Pappalardo DJ
Chey & Flowers by the Sea
Cake Vendor
Cherry Blossoms
Friend of the Bride

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