Derry NH Baby's First Year Photos

Baby’s First Year Photos

To say I love this family is an understatement.  Our journey started when big sister Emily was born and a got to have snuggles throughout her first year with Derry, NH baby’s first year photos. At her one-year-old strawberry eating session, I learned that this sweet family of 3 was going to be an even sweeter family of 4! Two little girls are twice the fun!

I have so much fun at their sessions. Catherine’s full of smiles and cuddles and Emily decided I was the best story reader ever and we read 4 or 5 books together while I was taking her pictures. (Good thing I can multitask. haha!) The similarities between the girls at the same age are so fun to note.  Great eyebrows, bright smiles, and complete adoration of their parents. 

These are images from Catherine’s newborn session & 6-month session.  These girls fill my heart with so much happiness. 

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