How to do a first look.

What’s a first look you ask?  

Connection before the ceremony. Brimming with jitters and anticipation but in your way, in a private moment. Embracing each other immediately and quietly, just the two of you. Without a room full of people watching or having to wait out the duration of the ceremony.

When you decide to see each other earlier in the day, your makeup is fresher, your hair is perfection, and you get to spend more of your wedding DAY together!

Never once have I seen it lessen the look of awe and enchantment on anyone’s face at the ceremony, and these few quiet moments together can provide peace of mind and the time to honestly take each other in before the craziness of the day begins.

It can also allow time to get some of the wedding party & family “formalities” out of the way too— more time to relax, visit & party later!

Now, don’t worry if you decide it’s not for you, but take a look at Stefanie & Andrew. 

They prepared separately and we set them up for their first look.  Stefanie was so excited she broke into a run and nearly tackled Andrew.  They were both laughing and crying and had to step back multiple times to take each other in. Then get back together to embrace. Then step back again to see each other full on. 

We took some photos that are so full of romance and silliness and anticipation I can’t even stand it. 

Then the rest of the wedding party showed up and we got all that business out of the way before the ceremony.  

Now look for the part where Andrew watches Stephanie walk down the aisle.  It didn’t matter that he’d already “seen her” that day, she was, in that moment, walking up to him to become his wife.  To join him in their forever.  To become part of each other.  And he was beaming.  There were still nerves. There were still tears.  It hadn’t taken away from this moment, it had only added to it because the first layer of ‘what will she look like’ had already been peeled off, and the next layer of holy crap, here comes my wife was right there!

Everything about their Dexter’s Inn Sunapee NH Mountainside Wedding was amazing. (which I was certain would be the case based on their Exeter NH Engagement Shoot)

It was like living in a romantic comedy. I was laughing and crying the whole day through and the small little touches that they added that were uniquely them, were endless.  From live plants and flowers from Andrew’s family’s greenhouse – Kathan Gardens to jewelry from the family jeweler –  MJ Harrington, to a heartfelt ceremony by Stefanie’s uncle and the most delicious infused water bar, the day was brilliant. 

Don’t believe me? Just look! (and keep an eye out for their father/daughter.. not a dance!)

And thank you, THANK YOU, Stefanie & Andrew, for asking me along on this momentous day in your amazing adventure! 

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