Sisters! Summertime Durham NH Family Photos

She dances with delight, Oh, fair sister of mine
She dances even more beautifully
And gracefully
Than the yellow sunflowers
Of gold that waltz in fields and meadows
Dance for me, Oh fair sister of mine
Dance to me on hills of sublime green
Dance, Oh, beautiful sister of mine
Ballet for me gracefully like the
Lotus ballets upon the sapphire lake
Ballet Oh, sweetest sister of mine
Waltz for me in a field of dancing flowers
Waltz for me, Oh, dear sister of mine
I love you, oh, graceful sister of mine

~Excerpt from ‘The Dainty Ballerina‘ by Marian

These two sisters may not be quite big enough for ballet yet, but they laughed in the fields and meadows. Their smiles were brighter than the yellow sunflowers at their Durham NH Family Photos. We met for early morning shenanigans at the beautiful Wagon Hill Farm and skipped down the graveled path towards the glittering water. A few princess songs and a few games of peekaboo later, I’d made a new blond haired friend who wanted me, and only me, to carry her around.  I was all too happy to oblige! Toddlers are like CrossFit. It seems like they are full of obstacles to overcome and most of all they always keep you moving! I count them as my workout for the day. Also, look how cute they can be! 

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