The Gang’s All Here! Exeter NH Family Photos

This group is no stranger to my camera – or to me.  Most of them have known me since I was 7.  With half the family in Western Mass and half the family in Maine it made sense for them to meet up near me for their Exeter NH Family Photos.  So many laughs. So much “helping”. And that was just the grownups! 😉 There are some prime examples of how kids will always be kids, even when they’re big.  Sisters tormenting their brother (with shirts that say ‘my cute uncle is single’ for all 4 nieces and his nephew) and older siblings pulling on younger ones to do what their told 😉 There’s also the case of the mysterious hiding boy. (Sometimes it’s hard to have 2 sisters and 2 girl cousins.. plus 6 grownups and a photographer telling you what to do!)

But I love the images we got and how it tells the stories of their families.  


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