Exeter NH Just Because Session

Just Because: Love! Exeter NH Just Because Session

One of the sweetest reasons for a session ever “We are a newly-wed couple, who are looking to start the tradition of holiday pictures, beginning from the two of us to hopefully more of us in the future!”

When I received a note from this couple saying they loved my work on facebook and they were looking to do Holiday cards and start a tradition, I was more than touched.  First for the compliment of being a fan, and second for their foresight to celebrate themselves and build a great foundation of two as they looked towards the years to come and hopefully starting a family!

We met up at one of my favorite pockets in town – Gilman Park.  This spot has a tiny forest, river, grass, benches and even canons!  The river was super low and had iced over. There was a patch of snow in the shade by green grass to be had too.  It was a plethora of moments just waiting to happen! Best of all was the cozy blankets they brought to snuggle in close with!  

I had such a lovely time with these two! 

And in conclusion – the obligatory SEO. Exeter NH Just Because Session! Melissa Koren Photography photographs good people. Wonderful, loving, quirky, sassy, laughing, fantastic, and often cheeky people like you! You are good people! There are adventures to have and memories to keep so let’s get to it! If you’re a family in New Hampshire and looking for a photographer for photos of your Exeter NH Just Because Session, you can see more of my work online at melissakoren.com and also on Facebook. If you’d rather contact me directly, please email me at melissa@melissakoren.com!


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