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What do I do with my hands?

One of the biggest questions ever when taking photos is “what do I do with my hands?” – Well, take a look at these Exeter NH Sunset Engagement Photos for some great inspiration. 

To keep your hands looking less awkward during your session there are three tips right off the bat:

  1. Use your pocket.  Don’t jam your hand all the way in there so you look like you’re a little kid in trouble for kicking rocks, but a little natural bend in the elbow and fingers or thumb resting towards the top of your pants or jacket pocket can be a great easy look. 
  2. Hold each other’s hands!  If this is a couple’s session, all the more reason to be close and in love!
  3. Go all in. Touch faces, hold one of their hands with both of yours, throw your arms around each other. 

Hands can be totally weird when it comes to pictures, but these few basic ideas, we can keep you looking as engaged and connected as you feel! 

These two took my simple ideas and ran with it, making it their own and celebrating the love they have for each other! 

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