flashback: October 2012 – Ale House Inn Elopement


Meet one of the most brilliant web designer I know, and her equally as brilliant husband too.  Leah and R.T. of SixteenJuly!  They decided to have a very short and sweet ceremony, performed by a close friend but asked me along to make sure they had plenty of adorable couples photos to commemorate the day.  They booked a room at the Ale House Inn in Portsmouth which is a gorgeous location!  We started inside in their common area then hit the road for their ceremony.  A few more shots with their friends after I.Do turned into We.Did! and they were off to see what new adventures they would find as a married couple!  ale house inn elopement0000 ale house inn elopement0001 ale house inn elopement0002 ale house inn elopement0003 ale house inn elopement0004 ale house inn elopement0005 ale house inn elopement0006 ale house inn elopement0007 ale house inn elopement0008 ale house inn elopement0009 ale house inn elopement0010 ale house inn elopement0011

Leah and I are currently working on a brand new MKP.  Coming soon to an computer screen near you this spring!  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

~xoxo melissa

(this series of flashback posts are a quick, down and dirty highlight of my favorite moments from weddings in the past months)


flashback: October 2012 – Lifestyle photography

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