Footbridge Beach Ogunquit Maine Family Photos

Take me on vacation with you! Footbridge Beach Ogunquit Maine Family Photos

Footbridge Beach Ogunquit Maine Family Photos!

You’re all together. You’re on vacation.  You might be a little more relaxed (or you might be at your wits end with a house full of kids) – but these memories you’re making, deserve all of you in the picture at the same time!  This awesome family took me on vacation with them a few years back, and this summer wanted to update since the kids had all grown so much!  I love that we used the same location and that the kids still paired off and played the same way!  

I somehow ended up on the opposite side of Footbridge Beach in a separate parking lot than I’ve ever used before.  But, Ya-freaking-hoo for happy accidents, because as I made my way back to the car, the most amazing sunset peaked through the clouds!  Next session up there I may want to start and finish there! 

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