Tabby & Teddy Married! Great Island Common Intimate Wedding

In a recent conversation with my grandmother, she mused that if you look at my social media profile (ie instagram) it “looks like I live at the nightclubs”.  A self professed ‘teetotaler‘ she was a little perplexed at why I seem to spend so much time at bars. I then explained to her the copious amount of wonderful people we’ve met, and befriended, many of whom have had need of my photographic services.  I told her the amount of business cards I can pass out even to random barmates who I may or may not hear from again, but it gets my business name out there. Very simply, it’s the best kind of networking, and it gives some indication that my clients and I will already have something in common. Not a necessity of course, but I love when my clients turn out to be “my kind of people” and if I met you as we both bellied up to one of my favorite establishments, chances are, you are!

So that’s how I met Tabby & Teddy.  Last year, WHYM celebrated their first anniversary and I was thrilled to be able to attend and bring my camera along.  Teddy mentioned he was engaged, I handed out a business card, and early this calendar year they got in touch about their super sweet Great Island Common intimate wedding.

The day was gorgeous.  If not a touch windy, and maybe a little chilly.  But that didn’t matter one bit to this clan. They eagerly awaited the ceremony, performed by a close friend (my favorite), that would make these two newlyweds!melissa koren photography great island common wedding 0001 Tabby’s two little girls led the waygreat island common wedding 0002 Followed by the beautiful Tabitha escorted by her dad, and her son. great island common wedding 0003 Teddy was overwhelmed. great island common wedding 0004 great island common wedding 0005 great island common wedding 0006 great island common wedding 0007 It’s such a beautiful spot to exchange vows.  180+ degrees of water, a few lighthouses, and the sounds of the ocean. great island common wedding 0008 great island common wedding 0009 great island common wedding 0010 great island common wedding 0011 great island common wedding 0012 I love grandpa keeping his grandson warm.  I felt warmer just watching them love. (that’s one of the cheesiest things I’ve ever said, but I swear it’s true) great island common wedding 0013 great island common wedding 0014 great island common wedding 0015 great island common wedding 0016 great island common wedding 0017 They did it! They’re married! And SO excited!
great island common wedding 0018 Some quick portraits before everyone headed back to WHYM to get warm and start the after party.
great island common wedding 0020 great island common wedding 0021 Once everyone was on their way, we took a few more minutes to explore the common a little bit.  It’s such a wonderful place to shoot, and the slightly overcast cloudiness of it all made the light superb!great island common wedding 0022 One of the things I love most about them, is their snark.  I said it on their facebook teaser photo, and I’ll say it again, they don’t take themselves too seriously, but still love with their whole hearts. In my opinion, it’s the best kind of love, and it’s a complete honor to witness it.
great island common wedding 0023 great island common wedding 0024 great island common wedding 0025 great island common wedding 0026 great island common wedding 0027 After the ceremony, Tabitha told me she had one request.  A good old fashioned bumgrab. Teddy didn’t know this was in the plans, but he was more than happy to oblige!great island common wedding 0028 great island common wedding 0029 In addition to their smokin’ bling they got wedding tattoos – I think it’s a really cool idea. great island common wedding 0030 great island common wedding 0031 great island common wedding 0032 great island common wedding 0033

Thanks you two, for loving the beer, and finding WHYM, and finding me.  I’m so happy to know you and to have been a part of your magical afternoon!

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