When you’ve finally found the love of a lifetime.

I don’t even know where to begin with this Josiah’s Meeting House Fall Wedding.  

This event was seven+ years in the making! The beautiful bride’s name is Julia. She and I have history from a time before now.  We quickly formed a friendship, based solely on the fact that our middle initial was K (just kidding, but it’s just one thing we have in common) and I’ve followed her dating nos and woes over the years.  Until Rusty.  

Rusty is pretty much the perfect partner.  He cooks, he makes her laugh, he leaves her love notes in her lunch.  It’s kind of nauseating, but really, it makes my heart swell with happiness that these two peas, found their pod partners. (That sounds like some weird alien invasion, but I’m going with it) 

After some perfect sunset silly Durham NH Engagement Photos, when I got to know Rusty in person more than just his online awesomeness, I was pretty sure I’d be a wreck at their wedding. 

And I was.  That morning J posted a picture of her robe hanging in the window on her custom hanger to her Instagram, and the tears started.  I walked into her getting ready room and got all misty-eyed.  I ugly cried during the ceremony and the parent dances.  And the slideshow.  Man, I was a wreck. #notevenmywedding

This love will go down in the history books as a goal to strive for.  

And the beauty of it all!?  

Just take a look – and watch for the ‘Just Married’ sign 😉 #thankschristmastreeshop

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