Little Harbor Church Portsmouth NH Mombo Wedding

Did you know you can find a matching tuxedo for your dog!?

I’m almost at a loss for words over this Little Harbor Church Portsmouth NH Mombo Wedding.  For many reasons, including their dog Winston, in his perfectly matching grey tuxedo. 

You see, Pam is one of my favorite people. And not just because she has me in her phone as “Melissa my favorite person” (really, she does) – but because she’s an astounding human being.  We’ve known each other for years, and I’ve photographed all three of her kids’ senior photos (that’s right, this stunning woman is the mother to three kids old enough to need senior photos!) (If I hadn’t met her when all our kids were tiny things, I never would have believed it!)

We’ve both been through many a journey and shared a lot with each other over the years.  It’s her time to shine, and Brien has made her shine all the brighter.  Seeing them SO happy and in love and witnessing how he adores her makes me a little choked up! 

This date was long in the making and tricky in the planning, Pam had asked my availability because she was hoping to schedule around me, and her 3 kids, and her family, and his family. To be considered a deciding factor in a wedding date is a crazy honor that I’ll always be astounded by even when it doesn’t work out.  Somewhere in trying to keep all our schedules straight, she said to me, very sadly, they’d had to book a date I wasn’t available. 

I’ll admit, I was a little devastated, but totally understood (in an ‘it’s an honor just to be nominated’ kind of way.)  I cheerfully asked her wedding date.  And then she told me.  And then I scoured every Melissa Koren Photography calendar and email I could find.  She thought I was booked for her date. 

SHE WAS WRONG. (Which is great every once in a while.)

After ensuring that she didn’t know something about my schedule that I wasn’t aware of, there was much happy rejoicing.  When I apprised her of the situation, I think her words were something along the lines of “Don’t freaking mess with me” 

I was not messing with her, the date was theirs, and I think I was just as excited as she was that the calendar gods smiled down on us. 

I cried when her boys walked her down the aisle.  And when her daughter gave an amazing heartfelt speech at the reception.  And I cried when I watched her dance with her dad. (I’m a sap, it’s true) 

Congratulations, friends! Let’s get drinks soon!  Thank you for always having my back 😉 and for having me as a part of your amazing wedding day! 

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