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Baby’s First Christmas!

First comes love, and a Newburyport Engagement Session. Then comes marriage, and a Colony Hotel Kennebunkport Wedding. Then comes a perfect little Christmas miracle with his own Massachusetts At Home Newborn Photographer!

I’ve loved all of our adventures! And that they’ve all included their perfect pup, Ursula! She left her mark on their engagement sign, worked her pearls and tutu as the flower girl at their wedding, and very patiently let the new funny smelling thing her mom and dad brought home sleep on her.

This little boy was a perfect model. He tolerated his outfit changes and worked his baby’s first Christmas hat like a true professional 😉 He was also the best snuggler.

There’s no wrong time for baby’s first photoshoot. I usually recommend 4-10 days old, but every baby is different, and every newborn session is different. Even if they’re exactly the same age.

Sometimes they’re wide-eyed and alert the whole time. Sometimes there’s nothing that can wake them. Usually, there’s some of each.

This little one was celebrating his two-week birthday during our session. That’s about the time when they’ll start tracking a little more and staying awake for longer intervals of time. It usually means they’ve lost their umbilical stump, too.

They’re ALWAYS cute and it’s always a memory you’re going to cherish forever.

Also, I’m pretty jealous of that giraffe wall hanging. The colors!? I wish I had a place I could rock that in my house!

I’m so happy for this new little family and I can’t wait to catch glimpses of this little guy as he grows up!

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