Be kind, like the trees.

We laughed our way through their snowy maternity session and then I eagerly awaited the news. Although it was no surprise, the delicate details I captured in her nursery during her newborn photography at home in NH session were so perfectly thought out and welcoming of this new baby girl!

Her parents are wonderfully attentive to each other and full of laughter and compassion.

I have no doubt that this precious little girl, so wanted and so loved before she even existed will be raised with kindness and love.

At the end of their newborn session they asked if they could incorporate some of the journey of having this beautiful girl in their photos and I was happy to oblige!

If I’m being honest it was a little overwhelming seeing their dreams come true and freezing that moment in time for them!

Trees are the kindest things I know
They do no harm, they simply grow
And spread a shade for sleepy cows
And gather birds among their boughs.

Trees give us fruit in leaves above,
And wood to make our houses of.
Leaves to burn on Hallowee’en,
And in the Spring new buds of green.
Trees are the kindest things I know.

– Unknown

newborn photography at home in NH by Melissa Koren Photography. You can see more of my work online at and also on Facebook and Instagram! If you’d rather contact me directly, please email me at

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