NH Romantic Small Wedding at the Exeter Inn

It’s like rain on your wedding day.

Rain happens.  And there are many sayings about how rain on your wedding day is good luck.  

While I’m not sure I’m convinced it’s good luck or not, it’s most definitely not something to let ruin your day! 

It’s the rainy season here in New England.  We get the remnants of all the hurricanes and tropical storms moving up the coast.  But we also get the most beautiful foliage and let me tell you, wet leaves are beautiful.  I think it makes everything pop a little bit more.  And they way the flatten out and carpet the earth with their color, is spectacular. 

I always encourage couples to not let the rain keep them from some outside photos, so I was super happy when I received this email from Kimberly & Mark!  “And if it’s not pouring at a certain point, it would be wonderful to get a couple pictures outside (if you’re okay with that)- Mark and I love the beauty of rainy weather! A non-snow Nor’easter will make for a memorable wedding day!” 

Yes, Yes, Yes! A thousand time, yes!

The pouring rain let up for a few minutes after the ceremony and we hustled outside and made the rounds of the grounds in I think 9 minutes total.  It was SO worth it!  

Thank you, friends, for being adventurous and finding the beauty and uniqueness in each other and your wedding day! 

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