Jamie & Zach: How to eat a lobster (and get married!) Rye, NH Seacoast Science Center Wedding

When I asked Jamie & Zach to describe their Rye, NH Seacoast Science Center Wedding – they said

“Delicious, Warm (the feeling) and Sparkly (without the use of actual sparkly stuff)”

And upon meeting them, it’s a pretty solid description of their personalities, too!  They’re deliciously hilarious, warm and full of love, and about as sparkly and giggly as you can get.  I instantly wanted to be best friends with them.  

The two met on OK Cupid.  Which they say is “just one step above Tinder, or maybe not.” – but in this digital world, whatever brings you face to face is winning! 

When I was a little girl, I wanted to teach the deaf, so when I read that Jamie is a pediatric audiologist, and runs a school for children who are deaf or hard of hearing, I was a little awestruck.  Zach works in marketing for Coca-Cola – He is in packaging innovations.  I must admit I don’t have as much envy for that, but I do love a good package. Wait. That’s not what I meant.

These two love to brunch and walk, and their shared favorite food? Lobster!  So I guess it’s only natural that they had a lobster bake! Jamie’s family has summered on the coast of NH for decades, and the decision to have their wedding there was one that touched everyone! 

The final question on my survey is “How did you learn about Melissa Koren Photography?” And their answer couldn’t be more spot on.  “Nicole Mower, our personal savior.” – If you’ve never met Nicole, you’re missing out.  She’s one of the best people, who once upon a time was an MKP bride who turned good friend and spectacular wedding planner.  And I love when we get to work together! 

Jamie & Zach are simply amazing together.  They’re so at peace with each other, and madly in love in that long game kind of way.  They’ve got an amazing network of family and friends, and that always speaks to the authenticity of the relationship.  Good people beget good people.  And when they all show up to celebrate you?  You know you’re on to something fantastic. 

I could blather on for days about how much I love them and how awesome their wedding was.  But I’ll leave you with a long story of photos.  In which you should be on the lookout for Jamie’s apron, and her lesson on how to eat a lobster! 

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