Did you know senior yearbook photos are due like… now?!

Exeter High School‘s deadline is September 28!

But that’s ok!  I have room for more NH Senior Yearbook Photos!

I offer 2 options for senior photos!

Option 1: Up to one hour of hanging out with me & my camera PLUS the high res image files to print to your heart’s content and a $50 print credit for use through the online gallery. Allows time for clothing & location changes if desired. Basic skin retouching on up to 5 files of your choice if requested.  – $400

Option 2: 20-minute mini-session in the Exeter area. Includes all the high res image files to print to your heart’s content. Quick outfit change if desired. Basic skin retouching on up to 2 files of your choice if requested.  – $275

Both of these options have a 7 day turn around time.  A rush fee may be added after September 21. 

This gorgeous girl was ahead of the curve!  She knocked her mini session on the beach out of the park and I love what we created for her yearbook choices!

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